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The Importance of Vitamins and Supplements for Your Overall Health

Your body needs vitamins and minerals to stay healthy so a variety of important functions can be performed as efficiently as possible. Being mindful of your health and getting the type of nutrition you need on a regular basis is one way to make sure you are on track health-wise. At the same time, it’s just as important to take care of vitamin and mineral definiteness with the right supplements for times when diet alone isn’t giving you enough nutrients.

Getting the Raw Materials Your Body Needs

From regenerating skin tissue to sending critical signals along nerve pathways to your brain, there are many processes your body has to carry out every single day of your life. Vitamins and minerals serve as your body’s raw materials. They are basically the fuel that sparks the many essential processes your body needs to complete as efficiently as possible. Some of these processes include:

A Well-Balanced Diet is a Good Start

There’s no denying that fruits and vegetables are good for your health. In fact, you can get a decent amount of essential nutrients from bright citrus fruits, berries, green, and leafy veggies like lettuce, kale, and broccoli. However, it’s not always possible to meet all your key nutrition goals just from lean proteins, low-fat dairy foods, and other nutrient-rich foods you can eat.

Supplements Can Fill Nutrition Gaps

There are at least 30 minerals, vitamins, and similar dietary components your body isn’t able to make in sufficient amounts on its own. If you are not getting nutrients your body needs in the right amounts, you’ll be more susceptible to seasonal colds, immune system disorders, and even fractures if your bone tissue doesn’t regenerate well.

Overcoming Dietary Restrictions

Some people have conditions such as celiac disease, chronic diarrhea, or Crohn’s disease that are best managed with appropriate dietary restrictions. Being a vegetarian or vegan can also limit your ability to get the essential nutrients you need to remain healthy just from your diet alone.

Making Up for Nutrient Absorption Issues

If you had weight loss surgery, you may no longer be able to absorb nutrients the way you did before having your procedure. This is common with gastric bypass surgery. Supplemental nutrients can make up for what you can no longer efficiently absorb from the foods you consume.

Helping You Stay Healthy as You Age

As you get older, your body’s nutritional needs will change. This happens because of changes with metabolism and other processes that take place within your body. It’s when these changes occur that supplemental versions of certain nutrients become even more important. Artificial forms of vitamin B-12 and D, for example, can be beneficial for older adults. Vitamin D, in particular, can be difficult to get from dietary sources alone. And while the sun is a good source of vitamin D, it’s not safe to be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Improving Your Growing Baby's Health

Another reason to consider supplement forms of certain nutrients is because of changes taking place in your body during pregnancy. Extra amounts of folic acid, for instance, can reduce the risk of certain birth defects.

Your doctor can give you a better idea of what deficiencies you may have when it comes to essential nutrients since there are so many options with supplemental products. Once you have this information, it will be easier to find the right supplements for your needs. Ideally, you want to find a healthy mix between getting what you need from the foods you eat and what you can get with supplemental options.


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