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Blood Sugar Levels

Our blood sugar level is always in flux, and it doesn’t take to much for it to go either up or down. Changes in health, our actions – heck, even our thoughts can cause a change. Imagine thinking of that delicious ice cream sundae, and you just might get a spike in your blood sugar level.
Our body then releases hormones in response to these blood sugar level changes so it can effectively use the sugar and keep a healthy glucose balance.
In many cases, a person’s body can’t make and use the correct hormone or even respond correctly and effectively to them. When this happens, the person is considered either hyperglycemic or hypoglycemic.
When someone has elevated levels of blood sugar (glucose), this means that he or she is either no longer producing enough insulin or they have become insulin resistant. There are many causes of hyperglycemia, including not enough exercise as well as stress.
But, many people who are hyperglycemic because of dietary choices like eating too many carbohydrates. If this situation continues, pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes are just around the corner.
Then the body will no longer be able to control blood sugar levels, which has tremendous health implications.
Some symptoms of hyperglycemia are feeling tired, thirsty (more than usual), nausea, increased urination and blurry vision. If you are experiencing symptoms such as this, please visit your doctor sooner rather than later.
Of course, on the other end of the spectrum is something called hypoglycemia. This is when your blood glucose (blood sugar) falls below a certain level (70mg/dl). This is also a dangerous situation for you as if the blood sugar drops too low, you can start to have convulsions and become unconscious. 
Many people start to experience hypoglycemia when they skip or delay meals, too much exercise, too much alcohol, or even from medication.
Often people feel irritable, anxious, tired, shaky, hungry and may even have slurred speech if they are hypoglycemic.
If you find yourself experiencing any of these symptoms seek immediate medical attention.
Naturally, the key is to keep a healthy blood glucose balance day after day. This can happen by eating healthy meals and regular intervals. As with many things, diet, vitamins, and exercise are often the key.
Your body has been engineered to regulate blood sugar levels. Actions you take (or fail to take) will either assist or impede your body in achieving this.
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I am not a physician nor am I offering any medical device. Please consult your doctor before engaging in any diet, nutrition plan.


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