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Kevin Hammer

Kevin Hammer has Masters degrees in both Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy. He currently works out of his home in Southern California not only helping people with their personal lives but their professional as well. He has become a firm believer in health, wellness, and mindfulness.

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A Little about my health journey

Me before I decided to improve my health

Me just weeks after starting my journey toward health

More About Kevin

Growing up, I was pretty active. I played organized sports,
and I was always running and jumping and riding my bicycle around town. But, as I grew older, a lot of that playtime gave way to study time and work time as well as relax and do nothing time.

That’s when it started happening.

I started to gain a few pounds here and there. But, hey, I am young and have always been growing and putting on weight, so it must just be me continuing to grow into what I should be, right?

As the years went by I continued to put on weight – not a lot, mind you. But enough so I knew it was happening.

My diet? Well, it has always been horrid. Think of a teenager or college student just grazing on whatever is handy throughout the day and night — lots of sugar and lots of carbs. But, heck, I have always eaten this way and I have never been fat, so it must be ok as long as I do eat too many calories day after day, right?

Fast forward many years, and now I am 250 lbs and know I am not at a healthy weight. My Dr. keeps telling me that I am pre-diabetic, and my blood pressure is too high, and so is my cholesterol.

I don’t want to hear it. Oh, I hear it when the Dr. Says it, but I push it into the back of my brain. It is not a big deal, right?

Next, I was prescribed medication. Blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication, then a diuretic, and finally, my potassium levels are too low, so I have to take a big pill for that as well.

My body is shouting at me, trying to tell me something. Am I listening? Well, no, not really. I am fine. I eat too much sugar and carbs, but I always have, and I have been just fine. Besides, as long as I don’t eat too many calories day after day I will be fine, right?

Also, I am too old to lose weight easily. I try to diet here and there, and I never lose a pound. My metabolism is too slow, and my body is happy at its current plateau. I pretty much eat how I want, and my weight is fairly stable. Sometimes it goes up, but then it will go back down, so all is well, right?

Well, no, it is not “right,” and it is not healthy, and something can be done.

I finally started to look into nutrition and diet.

I started taking supplements. I started to watch what I ate. I cut out sugar and lowered my carbohydrate intake. I replace unhealthy fats with healthy fats.

Guess what? The weight started coming off. I started to feel better, have more energy. My blood pressure has gone down to a normal level. My blood glucose has dropped to well below 100. My cholesterol level has plummeted to an acceptable range.

This change was without increasing my exercise level. Should I increase my exercise level? Oh, yes, most definitely. But one step at a time. Some take small steps, and some take big ones. The important part is that you take them. Action taking is 90% of the battle. Nothing happens without action.

Healthy diet and healthy, high-quality products have helped me get to the level I am at right now. They have been an integral part of my becoming a healthier me. I’ve been enjoying my journey to better health as well as helping others achieve their goals both health and professional. 

IF you are interested on starting your own path to health and success, why not reach out to me to see how?