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4 Things You Must Never Do If You Want A Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy body weight important if you want to lead a long and vibrant life.
There are things that people who are at a healthy body weight don’t do. If you’re trying to achieve a healthy weight, you’ll want to avoid these four pitfalls of weight loss.

Pretending Calories Don’t Exist

There are a lot of fad diets. Plenty of them claim that you don’t have to count calories. This is untrue. Harvard published an article on obesity prevention that notes the importance of caloric intake.
No matter what diet you’re on -paleo, keto, cabbage soup, or cookie- your caloric intake matters. The simple equation is calories in versus calories out. The problem that people run into is that there calories out, or calories that they’ve burned every day, can vary greatly throughout the month. It is not a simple one size fits all solution.

Metabolic testing is one of the only ways to tell your actual basal metabolic rate (BMR). If you know your BMR it is easier to assess caloric lead. Many websites offer users estimates on calories they’ve taken in and calories they’ve burned. These are good tools for people learning how to balance their calories.

Eating Too Fast

Today’s fast-paced society means that many meals are spent in the car on the way to your next meeting or destination. Unfortunately, the fast pace of our society has also led to a fast eating pace. This fast-eating rate is not how our body was designed. Eating too fast doesn’t allow your body to account for how much you’ve eaten.

Web M.D. notes that eating too fast can lead to overeating. It takes the body approximately 20 minutes to calm the hunger response and release the hormones that send the “I’ve had enough” signals to the brain. Because of this is important to slow down and carefully eat your meal.

Assume You’ll Work Out

People assume that they are going to find time to work out. notes that this isn’t the case. If you haven’t scheduled your workout on your calendar, you’re likely not going to do it. Stop assuming you’re going to make time later in the day to work out.

There are two ways to tackle this obstacle to reaching a better weight. You can either wake up early to work out or schedule it on your daily calendar. Either of these options is a perfect method to make sure that you put physical fitness as a top priority. Telling yourself that your workout before bed is probably a lie and you should stop doing.

Sleeping Too Little

Sleep is one of the most important things that humans do. One reason it is important is that it regulates our hormones, especially hormones associated with weight gain and weight loss. Cortisol, or the stress hormone, has been linked to excessive weight gain.

According to Eat This Not That people who don’t get the right amount of sleep have an average of 2 ½ pounds more body fat than people who are sleeping properly. If getting extra sleep can mean the difference between healthy body weight and a little extra chub, you may want to sleep in.

These four things seem simple enough, but people all around the world struggle to avoid these nasty habits. If you want to achieve healthy body weight, you need to remember that calories are important, to slow down to eat, to prioritize your workout, and to get plenty of rest.

If you can avoid talking yourself into thinking that calories don’t exist or that your workout right before bed then you’re more likely to achieve that healthy body weight you’ve been chasing. Healthy body weights are an accumulation of a lot of small habits that build up over time. Combining these four small habits will lead to a big impact.


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